Doing Action Research: Operating a Research Approach or Feeling Change in a Researcher’s Way of Life?

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action research, science education, personal involvement


This reflection traces the author's journey into action research, sparked by a seminar led by Hilbert Meyer in 1993. Drawing from personal experiences in teacher education and chemistry research, the author advocates for bridging the gap between educational research and teaching practice. Highlighting the influence of critical theory, the author emphasizes the transformative potential of action research in educational contexts. Action research, as perceived by the author, seeks to enhance teaching practice, foster continuous professional development, and engage learners as partners in educational reform. Through collaborative efforts with practitioners, the author demonstrates the practical implications and scholarly contributions of action research. The narrative underscores the significance of publishing action research findings and challenges prevailing paradigms in educational research. Ultimately, the author posits action research as a means to navigate the complexities of educational practices while advocating for critical reflection and paradigmatic shifts in educational research.


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